Transfernation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization operating in NYC. We use technology to tackle a sector of food waste that other organizations don’t have the capacity to reach fast enough with the help of our dedicated team of independently contracted volunteers and drivers.

Using our service allows companies to save on costs of disposal, receive tax receipts for their donations, and contribute significantly to the large-scale hunger and food waste problem in our city.

In the last two years, we have redistributed over 52,000 pounds of food to countless shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Interested in working with us? E-mail for more information and check out our Facebook page for news about our upcoming app.

Our Team

Hannah Dehradunwala
Co-Founder & CEO

Hannah Dehradunwala is the Co-founder and CEO of Transfernation. Having leveraged her experiences working with venture capital, and various social good initiatives in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Hannah drives her focus towards helping communities develop locally sourced, scalable solutions to problems centered around inequitable resource distribution. Among her passions is a deep interest in charting and understanding the connections between political power and socio-economic inequality and developing innovative ways of building organizational capacity for socially minded organizations.

Kelsea Suarez
Shelter Liaison

Kelsea is the Co-founder and Director of Operations at Transfernation. She oversees the daily operations and manages relationships between corporations in NYC and local soup kitchens. Since Kelsea joined the organization in 2015, Transfernation stands at the forefront of the battle against hunger and food waste by serving more than 42,000 meals from 50,000+ lbs of rescued food to NYC's most food insecure individuals. Her lifelong passion for combining social justice, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship has led her to study Political Science and Psychology at New York University and work as a financial consultant for AIESEC NYC, the world's largest youth-led leadership organization. After she graduates from NYU in 2018, she hopes to attend law school.

Alim Williams

Alim Williams is technologist with over 8 years of experience in the field. Among the many companies that he has worked with, Alim was previously CEO founder of SocialEffort, a data and analytics company that helped non-profits quantify their initiates. He is also a developer/designer and an avid drone pilot. With a focus on execution, a value for collaboration and a love for business development, Alim is always looking to leverage technology to make a difference in the world.